Okay, so this is horrible: According to recently filed court documents, a Houston man was attacked by two women who ran him over with their car after arranging to sell them a pair of tickets to the December 19 Jay-Z concert at the Houston Toyota Center. He’d listed the tickets on Craigslist, and the woman he’d been in contact with arranged for him to meet them at the car to complete the transaction. Once he got there, they allegedly grabbed the tickets out of his hand and sped off. According to the Houston Chronicle, that’s when things got bad

Court documents state that [Denitra Sherrelle] Green drove off with the man still holding on to the vehicle, where [Cessica] Darden’s child was in the backseat. 

According to court documents, Darden began kicking the man and he fell from the speeding car, suffering a broken leg, left arm, right hand, torn right knee, and severe road rash.

Witnesses were able to write down the license plate number of the vehicle. The victim was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital for his injuries. 

The plan to steal Jay-Z concert tickets in broad daylight in front of a bunch of witnesses while personally-identifying information like a license plate is in full public view is not exactly foolproof, but all of that wasn’t even necessary: If you’re wondering “How did they find the women who allegedly stole the tickets?” and you had “Maybe the police just went to the concert and checked if they were sitting in the seats” in the office pool, you’d be right. 

Meanwhile, the man whose tickets were stolen suffered rather severe injuries in the process: According to the Chronicle, “the victim will require plastic surgery and his fingers will likely be of limited use on the right hand. He will also have trouble walking.” Police say that the women charged with—and who’ve admitted to—the crime “showed no remorse” when informed of the extent of the victim’s injuries.