If you’re not in Central Texas, you’d better hustle: This weekend is your last chance to get lost in a five-acre Willie Nelson themed corn maze at Bastrop’s Barton Hills Farms

The maze is part of Barton Hills Farms’ annual Fall Festival & Corn Maze. Each year’s maze is Texas-themed (last year’s gave participants the chance to get lost in the outline of the state itself), but the folks at Barton Hills outdid themselves with the Willie Nelson corn maze, which features a guitar adorned with a bandana and Willie’s iconic braids, along with the words “Always On My Mind” carved into the stalks, which stand over 7′ high in parts. 

The Fall Festival closes down this Sunday, but the $6-$9 tickets are still availableto enter a representation of Willie’s head—which is fresh-looking and green, as it should be. 


(all images via Barton Hills Farms on Facebook)