Whiskey Business 

The Wild West of Whiskey,” by Eric Benson [November 2019], made me look forward to visiting these neophyte distillers in Texas when I move to the Hill Country next year. But I think it should be noted that Texas is full of residents from the oil industry, some who spent years working in Saudi Arabia (where alcohol is illegal), operating their own small stills, producing just enough for their own use and possibly a friend or two. The fact that there is an abundance of distilling skill in the state is no surprise to me.
Bill Huston, Tyler

Great read. I’m a longtime fan of Balcones. There’s some pretty darned good whiskey coming out of Texas these days.
Kyle Holmes, via Facebook 

I licked the cover of this magazine. Is that wrong?
Phil Harvey, via Twitter 

East to Wes

My wife and I have enjoyed so many of the stories in Texas Monthly over the years. Wes Ferguson’s “Angels in East Texas” [November 2019] is now one of the most memorable of all. My goodness, what a piece. The story alone has such power, and Ferguson’s style and grace with the written word make it even more so. We felt as if we were there in real time witnessing all those events unfold. Indeed, as he points out, daring to question the rigid rules we are raised with in East Texas has to be one of the most unsettling experiences we will have in life, but doing so might just make us better human beings.
Michael and Sharon Johnson, Campbell 

Postgame Analysis

Thank you, Michael Mooney, for writing the beautiful article about the football game between [El Paso’s] Eastwood High School and Plano Senior High [“More Than a Game,” November 2019]. I had a hard time reading through the tears in my eyes. I left Texas in the seventies, and for thirty years I looked forward to returning home. But it’s been both good and bad to be back here, watching the gun culture take over more and more. I wish Texas could become known for developing alternative energy sources and reducing the effects of climate change, rather than oil and gun violence. Thanks for publishing such a heartwarming story.
Jimmie Wilson, San Angelo

Postman Analysis 

Man of Letters” [November 2019] possesses a strong voice and great rhythm that had me riding along the lonesome road with mail carrier Gilbert [Lujan]. In this tumultuous political, social, and economic time, I appreciate a well-written story that lets the people and the land reveal issues without the author kidnapping the plot. [Sterry] Butcher is a talented writer, and I await her next article and maybe will ramble past the places she describes this month.
Patti Lacy, Waco