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Capturing a West Texas Winter Wonderland

Austin-based photographer Nick Simonite has been shooting around West Texas since 2002 and usually heads west every few months. Traveling between Marfa and Alpine, the San Antonio native captured the next few winter scenes on the first day of the year.

Photograph by Nick Simonite

Now that the sun is out, it’s easy to forget the recent sub-freezing temperatures around the state, like in areas of West Texas where temperatures dropped below twenty degrees on New Year’s Day. Photographers, both locals and visitors alike, spent the first few days of the year in West Texas capturing the stark winter-white beauty around Marfa, Alpine, and Big Bend for striking results that we have gathered for this gallery of West Texas winter scenes. We talked to each one about some of their favorite photos.

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  • LFJackson

    Thank you, Lauren and TM, for gathering and posting these. I would rather look at these bracing beautiful pictures than several of the less memorable images I now have framed on my walls. You would be doing a service to Texans (and might make some money for TM and the photographers) if you made it easy for your readers to purchase (for a modest fee) downloadable copyrighted images for personal non commercial framing and display? Is that possible? I have spots in mind for that cold wet heifer and teepees with snow and several others…

  • Gary Reams

    Too bad that Marfa and West Texas is now being ruined by all of the Euro-trash and others from New York and California. Donald Judd is now rolling over in his grave.

  • Karen Barbara Key Burton

    Loved my 70th birthday party in Marfa. 2 nites In the fab trailer at ElCosmico then the Rock Hudson suite at Paisano. Too many stellar activities to name thanks to my super cool husband of 50 years. Food , art history scenery . It’s all there.