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Travel & Outdoors

Where to Stay for a Small-Town Getaway

One of the suites at Ellison House in Lockhart.

“We’re looking for an easy getaway that isn’t too far of a drive. Any ideas?” It’s a text, email, or question over coffee that I get often from friends seeking a quick vacation or weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thanks to new (or sometimes just refreshed) lodging options in small towns across the state, I usually have an answer, and I’ve gathered some of my favorite escapes in this list. The internet connection is going to be slow, and there may not be a television in sight, but it won’t be long into a weekend—whether spent in the stillness among East Texas pine trees in a stunning modern farmhouse or retreating to a picturesque Victorian after dining with artists from around the world in downtown Corsicana—before you won’t mind at all.

Tags: Travel, 100w Corsicana, Cell Block Clifton, guesthouses, Rancho Pillow, small-town getaways, Terlingua lodging, Wilde House