BERRY BLISS Sweet on strawberries? Join the club. Legend has it that an eighteenth-century French socialite was so fond of the luscious fruit that she would have twenty pounds of berries crushed just to bathe in their fragrant juices. (Do you suppose she rinsed off with cream?)

In the Bavarian countryside, superstitious folks are said to hang baskets of springtime berries from the horns of their cattle as a please-let-our-bovines- prosper-and-bring-us-much-milk offering to elves—yes, elves, strawberry-loving elves. So maybe your affection for the strawberry is a little more restrained, but you can still satisfy any craving at the Poteet Strawberry Festival. The fifty-sixth annual affair runs April 11-13 in the aptly designated Strawberry Capital of Texas, thirty minutes south of San Antonio.

On tap for the pastoral pastime: a top-berry contest, a berry auction, performances by country crooners Darryl Worley and Mark Wills, plus your standard festival attractions, including an arts and crafts show, a rodeo, and a carnival (for information, go to Can’t wait until then for your fruit fix?