Director: Joel and Ethan Coen
Plot: Man hires hit man to kill his wife.

Excerpts from our roundtable discussion:

RAPP: But, you know, I put it next to Blood Simple or No Country for Old Men, and there’s no comparison. Blood Simple—that film is almost flawless.

BLOOM: I like Blood Simple too. But it’s very cinematic. It is based on images and ideas of Texas from film history and from popular-culture history more than it is based on real people living in Texas and whatever they are here to say.

RAMíREZ BERG: Me too. I tend to agree with that. It has that quality of early films, which is that it’s kind of show-offy.

LEAGUE: It’s like they’ve taken the concept of the film noir story, which is an L.A. phenomenon, and inserted some Texan characters into it. I mean, between No Country for Old Men or Blood Simple, I’d pick No Country.

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