Watch out, World Wrestling Federation. The famed Roller Derby is back, and Houston native Debbie Rice may prove to be its “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The 31-year-old holds five national in-line skating records, and clocking in at 61 miles per hour, she’s the fastest downhill female speedskater in the world. Now she’s using those skills for the Florida Sundogs, her team on TNN’s RollerJam, which premiered January 15. “I’m one of the jammers, who get out ahead of the pack to score points,” she says, “so I’m zigzagging in and out of people, trying not to get killed before I get out of the group.” The transition from speedskating to knockdown fights left her a little sore at first, but she’s learning to flex her muscles. “I put on a little bit more weight so that I wouldn’t be so small against those other girls,” she says. “It’s a big adrenaline rush. You get to take out all your frustrations on people, and you end up feeling very relaxed.”