THE MORNING AFTER Certainly you wouldn’t overindulge on New Year’s Eve. But you might well be called on to help your less-virtuous friends who may wake up on January 1 with a hangover. We asked the staff members of Texas Monthly to submit their best hangover remedy. Here are their top ten suggestions on what to eat (food with lots of grease took priority), what to drink, and the painkiller of choice. 1. Drink two bottles of blue Gatorade and a mimosa and go to a greasy, all-you-can-eat buffet. 2. Have a six-pack of V8 followed by some hair of the dog. 3. Pop a few vitamin B12 pills before going to bed (especially if you’ve been swilling cheap beer). 4. If you can stomach them, eat bananas. 5. Have migas or breakfast tacos with lots of coffee. 6. The best remedy is a big greasy burger, french fries, and a Dr Pepper. 7. No, it’s canned peaches in heavy syrup and a Coke. 8. Drink lots of water and take Advil before going to bed. 9. Never drink tons of water; you’ll just get drunk all over again. 10. When you wake up—in the front yard—take your first drink of water from the garden hose; it works every time.