After well-publicized struggles with addiction, Texas Rangers center fielder Josh Hamilton is back on track to be one of baseball’s most powerful hitters. Before and after home games, the 28-year-old can be found in the team locker room at the Ballpark in Arlington, where he gets suited up, jokes around with teammates, and stashes his most valuable gear. “A locker is the player’s toolbox,” says Hamilton. “I store wristbands, batting gloves, and a bunch of other secret things in there.” One thing that’s not hush-hush is his newfound spiritual devotion. The father of three regularly sits in his black leather chair in front of his cache of equipment to read Scripture before games.

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• That’s my girls’ Easter picture. Julia is eight, Michaela is eight months, and Sierra is three. We’ve got three girls and we’re done.

• For field-use only, my Sundogs are for the first and second innings of the game.

Experiencing God Day by Day is my daily devotional. It’s the Word of God. I read it two, three times a day. Probably has something to do with ADD.

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• I take fish oil vitamins because I don’t eat a lot of fish.

• That’s my “thumby.” My thumb guard stops my hand from vibrating when I hit a ball.