Lori Heuring has a very pragmatic view of the very unpredictable world of show business: It’s a target, and right now she is in one of the large outer circles. “The bigger the circle, the more room you have to move around,” she says. “That’s where I am now—acting and getting my feet wet.” Indeed, the 24-year-old, who was raised in Austin and graduated from the business honors program at the University of Texas, has had several movie roles to date, including a small one in The Newton Boys (she played a flirtatious flapper) and a big one in the forthcoming indie feature Restaurant. Her TV work, meanwhile, has been substantial: She has appeared on Ellen, Murder One, and Early Edition and is part of the ensemble cast of FOX’s Blade Squad, a possible mid-season replacement series about futuristic crime fighters who prefer in-line skates to other modes of transportation. What does Heuring’s own future hold? If her aim is true, she could one day be writing and directing—and doing so from her home state. “Wherever I go,” she says, “my heart’s always in Texas.”