We’re not sure if more strange things necessarily happen in Lufkin than in other small towns, but whoever is running the Lufkin Daily News’ police blotter has a great appreciation for the absurd.

The crime in Lufkin ranges from the very mundane to the very bizarre, and nearly each day the police blotter seems to contain a new gem. We’ve compiled our favorites from March below:

March 29
“A man told Lufkin Police that he came home to find a man asleep on his couch. The man said this was the second time he has found the man, who claims to be homeless, in his home without his permission.”

March 28
“Someone super-glued the locks on two doors at a dentist’s office.”

March 28
“Someone reportedly threw a cup of ice at a moving vehicle.”

March 25
“A woman told police that she and her sister got into a physical fight over a blanket.”

March 23
“A man was arrested Thursday morning for intentionally causing $1,200 worth of damage to a door at a health facility.”

March 23
“A man was found naked in the roadway … early Thursday and was arrested on a charge of public intoxication.”

March 21
“A kitchen sink, electrical wiring and other various items were stolen from a vacant home.”

March 19
“Someone said an upset neighbor threw a bucket of water on them.”

March 17
“A store clerk reported that a man threatened to harm her when she caught the man stealing some meat from a grocery store. The man fled on a bicycle with the meat.”

March 15
“Two women were caught shoplifting Splat hair dye, No Boundaries panties, Hello Kitty stationary and several other items from a store.”

March 11
“Someone reported that a credit card was found floating in water in front of a residence in the 400 block of Mantooth Avenue.”

March 11
“Two chairs were reported stolen from a restaurant.”

March 2
“Pork chops, pork loin and ground hamburger were reported stolen from a home broken into Thursday.”

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