Blessed are those who find the image of Jesus in their shower? A Splendora woman believes so. Chyanna Richards is feeling spiritually uplifted after discovering a moldly pattern in her shower that she thinks resembles Jesus Christ’s face.

“People say your house is blessed,” Richards told Houston’s KRTK, as she identified the outline of Jesus’s face. “I see the head, the hair, a cloak.”

The faithful woman considers her revelation a prime opportunity for soul-searching and added that the mildew-evoked illustration has had a positive effect on other housemates, like Thomas George, who was in prison when Richards first found the image. George feels confident that God is “watching over (them) to make sure nothing wrong happens,” he said.

A third occupant of the Splendora home, who has HIV, says her health has improved since the image was discovered.

This sighting of religious imagery is just the latest in Texas. Other recent discoveries include a Jesus-shaped Cheeto in Preston Hollow, a moth with an image of Jesus’ face in Pittsburg, and a tree with the image of the Virgin Mary in Crystal City. In a Austinist post titled “Oh, What a Friend We Have in Moldy Jesus,” Barbara Strickland pondered the particular challenges this sighting poses: “Granted, Jesus has made appearances in a lot of strange places—a grilled cheese sandwich, a tree, a jar of Marmite—but this seems peculiarly awkward, not to mention possibly inimical to health. If they clean the shower, will that offend the Most High?”

At Gawker, Caity Weaver joked, “Has anyone checked the area above the shower, where a mildewed Sistine ceiling no doubt awaits?”