IRISH AYES When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Texas, most people don’t go much further than drinking way too much green beer or listening to some Celtic music. But there’s another way to get in touch with your inner leprechaun: Eat some Blarney cheese. No kidding. Blarney is one of several Irish cheeses that could grace any gathering you might be planning for March 17. It’s a smooth, Swiss-style cow’s-milk cheese with a mildly tangy flavor. Or try Irish cheddar—white, a bit crumbly, and either sharp or mild depending on how long it has been aged. Then there’s Shannon cheese, similar to smoked Gouda. You can find mass-produced Irish cheeses like these at Whole Foods stores and Central Markets. You can also order online from Web sites such as and For more Irish fare, check out the food and drink at the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park in Dallas on March 2 and 3 and the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Houston at the Garden in the Heights, 3926 Feagan, March 15 through 17.