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What Do You Think the State Song of Texas Should Be?

Something by Willie? Billy? Beyoncé? We’ve got a few ideas. Bet you do too.

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  • Jana Mae

    I picked a write in vote and it tells me I did not vote. Fix your code hicks

    • jules65

      Try scrolling down and hit the “submit vote” button. It’s worked for the rest of us.

      • Jana Mae

        It does work – now. So I went back and voted like “the rest of us” and now I can’t see the results of the write-ins, even though evidently there are over 156 votes in that category. Fix your – oh nevermind. lol

  • D Perryman

    For the record, Gary P Nunn wrote “London Homesick Blues” solo, without any help from Mr. Walker.

  • Fort Worth

    I like the idea of multiple state songs, but let’s keep “Texas, Our Texas!” So wonderful, so great!

  • Back in the early 1950’s we sang this every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance!! All Hail the Mighty State!!

  • Todd McCommas

    The ones that voted for “Deep in the Heart of Texas” probably think that it already is the state song.

  • Dr. Michael

    London Homesick Blues is already the national anthem of Texas. Just see what happens in any bar when the song comes on the juke box. Seems only fitting it should be our state song as well

  • TxGal85

    Looks like a lot of write-in votes (183 right now) but we can’t see them ???

  • John Doe

    “Screw you, We’re From Texas” by Ray Wylie Hubbard