Beyoncé has a new Tumblr that is a visual feast of images from the singer’s life. (Think Beyoncé in a hammock, Beyoncé in a spiderman costume, Beyoncé walking arm-in-arm with Jay-Z, Beyoncé in an array of funny hats.)

“This is my life, today, over the years—through my eyes. My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you, This will continue to grow as I do,” Beyoncé wrote on the site.

The Internet greeted the Tumblr’s arrival with joy: “It’s basically the most glamorous family photo album ever uploaded to the Internet,” Amanda Dobbins declared at Vulture. At Entertainment Weekly’s Music Mix, April Daley was also cheered by the blog, writing that it is “a special treat from the duo who’ve been notoriously mum about their private life.”

NME noted that Beyoncé also sent out her inaugural tweet Thursday: