Elvis fans will have their very own sightings in a new book, In Search of Elvis, just published by the Summit Group in Fort Worth ($12.95). The cartoon book is a knockoff of the prodigiously successful Where’s Waldo? children’s series, but Summit’s publicity coordinator Bryan Drake suspects that more parents than children will be all shook up from chuckling over the slim volume’s crowd scenes. And as every die-hard Waldo fan knows, once you start looking, you just can’t stop. Each two-page scene is crammed with humans engaged in hectic activity. “We tried to pick places where Elvis had really been sighted—like a bowling alley, a doughnut shop, karate class, and Hawaii,” Drake says. The King has always kept a low profile, and it isn’t easy finding him in the throng of people falling down, changing diapers, and having wrecks. Hint: This isn’t a comeback for the young hip-swiveler whom Americans chose to remember on the Elvis stamp. All sightings are of the jumpsuited, overblown older Elvis.