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Jason Heid joined Texas Monthly as a staff writer and editor in 2019. He has tackled a wide array of subjects in the pages of the magazine, including business, medicine, science, technology, and culture. His past work has ranged from features on iconic Texas companies like Neiman Marcus and American Airlines, to profiles of filmmakers Richard Linklater and the Zellner Brothers, to dispatches from the historic Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells and a birding festival in the Rio Grande Valley, to stories about medical breakthroughs like robotic nurses and gene therapies for treating rare genetic disorders. Previously he was editor in chief of Austin Monthly, digital editorial director for D Magazine, and a section editor at the Dallas Morning News. He grew up in the North Texas city of Denton and earned a history degree at Trinity University in San Antonio.

Articles by Jason Heid

American Airlines
Why Is American Airlines So Infuriating?

Oct 3, 2020 By Jason Heid

With its industry reeling, the Fort Worth–based airline giant is quietly betting that diminished competition will keep passengers coming—even as they grumble about the carrier’s poor service, late arrivals, and the jam-packing of its flights amid the pandemic.

How Robots Are Revolutionizing Nursing

Jul 16, 2020 By Jason Heid

Rolling down the hall, the most popular new staffer at Dallas’s Medical City Heart Hospital accepts a fist bump from a nurse before stopping into a supply room to pick up gauze and saline solution to bring to a patient’s room. Next comes a trip to the elevator, where the…

Richard Linklater at AFS Cinema
Richard Linklater, the Everyday Auteur

Jun 24, 2020 By Jason Heid

For decades, the Texas director’s movies have celebrated the sort of mundane yet consequential interactions that the coronavirus took from us. He’s still at it, albeit temporarily cut off from the film community he helped build.