– Rodney Scott of Hemingway, SC had a recent fire in his pit room. While it gets rebuilt he’s going on a “Rodney in Exile” tour across the South.

– A short Garden & Gun post on pitmaster Rodney Scott’s barbecue process.

– A barbecue sauce waterfall:


– Another Lockhart barbecue joint, and another family feud. This time it’s the Blacks.

– Serious Eats looks at the psychology of waiting in line for food. Their subject? Waiting for brisket at Austin’s Franklin Barbecue.

– The swimming pigs of the Bahamas:


– A barbecue joint owner in New Orleans had to move their smoker across the street to placate neighbors who complained about smoke.

– Oklahoma now has a BBQ society. The OKBS.

– Chef Christopher Kostow and pitmaster Samuel Jones have a conversation about barbecue in Lucky Peach.

– We’re following the Daytripper:


– Andrew Zimmern was in Dallas over the weekend eating barbecue. Cooper’s and Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth and Odom’s and Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas will be featured on his show Bizarre Foods America. 

– Kerlin BBQ in Austin is now using prime grade briskets

Curly’s Carolina, TX Barbeque is profiled in the local Round Rock paper. 

– Zagat Austin lists 8 Under-the-Radar Barbecue Joints

– Zagat includes the Slow Bone in their list of Dallas’ 10 Biggest Restaurant Openings of 2013

– Tim Byres of Smoke in Dallas was shaping young minds last week:


– Need to do some cold smoking at home? A how-to for your homemade cold smoker

– In Archer City, Texas there is a Lighted Village on display at Rockin J BBQ. 

– Larry Olmsted of Forbes lists his memorable meals of 2013. The list includes Alabama’s Dreamland BBQ. 

– The brisket vs. chili debate isn’t dead. The Star Telegram comes out on the side of chili, while Brisketman favors…you guessed it

– Dallas’s only BBQ food truck is out of commission temporarily:


– Good news from Modern Farmer for pitmasters who chop their own wood: “Chopping wood for an hour can boost male testosterone levels by almost 50 percent.”

– Meathead provides his BBQ gift guide.

– A little history on the Texas Longhorn and what the Texas Historical Commission is doing to preserve the breed.

Horse brisket, anyone?

– Eat Mor…Brisket?


– Since last week’s Rolling Stone article on animal abuse at factory farms and the antibiotics ban that will go into affect soon, the beef industry has gone on the defensive. Here’s their explanation on where all those antibiotics go, and their indictment of the RS article calling it “trash journalism.”

Herman “Pig” Pickens was charged with murder in the killing of an employee at MoJo BBQ in Jacksonville, Florida.

– Milt’s BBQ in Chicago was robbed at gunpoint on Monday.

– Frederick Waller was once homeless in Nashville. Now he has turned his life around and runs Ooh Wee Bar-B-Q.

– Cranky Frank has a holiday message for you:


– Pork Barrel BBQ is counting down their list of the 25 Most Influential People in BBQ.

– Mother Jones provides their thoughts on the five biggest meat stories of the year.

– The permanent home for Killen’s BBQ in Pearland is coming along, and they plan to open in January.

– The January issue of Texas Monthly includes an interview with Roy Perez of Kreuz Market with photos by LeAnn Mueller: