A Mansfield home’s security camera captured a cow walking up to the door and ringing the bell.

An Adkins man won $1,548,024.46 on a $3 bet at a casino in Eagle Pass.

A National Guard Black Hawk helicopter made a precautionary landing in a Troup family’s pasture.

The Snyder Volunteer Fire Department’s new $347,000 fire truck caught fire and burned during a test drive to check the brakes.

A Houston-area woman who was excited about completing her cancer treatment rang the hospital’s celebratory bell so forcefully that it broke.

A dog named Spike was found in California and returned to his owners in El Paso a year after he ran away when he was frightened by fireworks.

Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District accidentally auctioned off its students’ private information when it sold computers that had not been wiped clean.

After a fugitive taunted a Bell County constable on social media, the constable drove to Midland and arrested him.

A family photo at Garner State Park was ruined when a woman in the background flashed her breasts.

Two unidentified women allegedly stole five cases of Modelo beer from the same Fort Worth QuikTrip on July 1, July 4, and July 9.

Police believe a missing Cleburne man may have been devoured by his eighteen dogs.

Two hikers outside San Antonio climbed a tree, seeking refuge, when they heard a sound that they thought was the grunting of a wild pig—but which a police officer who showed up to rescue them explained was actually the sound of cars driving over rumble strips on a nearby road.