Welcome to On Texas Time, a series dedicated to finding out how some of Texas’s most accomplished citizens get through their days.

Take a look at her Instagram, and Elizabeth Chambers Hammer is usually either hitting another red carpet event with her husband, actor Armie Hammer, or heading halfway across the world to England, India, or the Caribbean with her children. Between her travels, the former model, CEO, and mother of two is often headed back to San Antonio to check in on Bird Bakery, where the bulk of the treats are based off of her family recipes. Things seem like a whirlwind for Hammer, but this is what she does On Texas Time:

On her morning routine:
It’s so atypical. It’s always changing. But when I wake up, I usually have a call with our managers at the bakery. It’s two hours ahead of L.A. time, so I’m usually up at 5 a.m. I make the kids lunch. My husband usually does breakfast. Every day is different; I’m always traveling, but all day, every day, it’s my children and Bird Bakery.

On the Texas food she craves when she’s away:
I have not stopped thinking about this queso I had with brisket in it the last time I was in Austin. All things queso, barbecue, Mexican food—I have to have it all whenever I’m in Texas. At Bird Bakery, my absolute favorite is our carrot cake or our key lime pie. My mom, my sister, my uncle, they’re all chefs, so everything we do is centered around food and wine. It always makes me feel nostalgic to eat their home-cooked food.

On her Texas role models:
I really admire [Bumble CEO and founder] Whitney Wolfe Herd. She’s one of my close friends. She really empowers females, and she’s started a huge movement with her company. Now more than ever, I think there’s such a need to embrace female empowerment and equality, so to start a company where women make the first move is really great.

On maintaining a healthy relationship with social media:
I love social media, but I think it’s really easy to get sucked in. For me, it’s important to put a time limit on it and not mindlessly scroll when I’m with my kids. There has to be a time and a place, because it’s just so easy to pick up your phone if you want to stop thinking about something. It can be so distracting if you’re not careful.

Rating Armie Hammer as an Instagram husband:
He’s not very patient about taking too many pictures of me, so I’d rate him a 7 out of 10 [laughs]. He’s great, but I just need a little more variety. I’m actually a little jealous sometimes of my friends whose husbands are really into it, which is so silly.

On finding family time:
Every Sunday we go to church, and we usually go to lunch or the farmers’ market afterward. It’s a good way to start the week because it’s a nice quiet time to be together. Our Saturdays are full of sports and birthday parties, but on Sunday, family is always first.

On her advice for female entrepreneurs:
Just keep trying. It’s so easy to give up. There are always a million reasons not to do something, but taking things one step at a time is the easiest way to accomplish your goals. I really try to tell women to just keep going.

On her latest projects:
I’m so excited about [Bird Bakery’s] upcoming cookbook. We’re also looking at spaces in Denver, which will be our next location. I’m a host on the Food Network, which is great. Yesterday, all I did at work was eat cake. It’s the best job ever.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.