The photograph above, from The Inquistr, is called “How Europe Sees the US,” though you could surely make the case that it is also one way Texas sees itself.

The same goes for “Texas According To Texans,” a profane, sarcastic, and NSFW map of the state that went up on its creator’s Tumblr last week and has made its way around the Internet at meme speed (if you’re easily offended just stop reading now). 

As defenders and fans of the entire state, we at Texas Monthly certainly do not endorse the map, but we can’t look away from it. Some of the descriptions are more offensive (South Texas, Lubbock) than others (Austin, El Paso), while some cover well-worn ground (Waco, College Station).

Click through to see the image. (WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.)

You back? Okay, we can probably all agree about New Mexico, correct? Also, given recent news, Houston is allowed to take exception. 

On our Facebook page, the image set off a brief frenzy of both positive and negative reactions (173 “likes,” 120 shares, and 105 comments), with “y’all, it’s a joke!” (Annie Ardell Broadus) and “funny, but so wrong” Chris Bachers) being most representative of the responses.

While laughed it off, a few other commenters made suggestions for the map or expressed plain outrage at both the writer and at us for even daring to put up the link:

I know it is wrong because it says NOTHING about SHINER! – Michele McDonald.

Glad I don’t see with his eyes. – Sharron Rox.

The largest army post in the world is smack in the middle of Texas. And this idiot has a right to express his opinion because of the residents there. – Cindy Simon Wilkinson.

Where the HELL is the Dr Pepper? – Shannon Armke

Yep! Canceling my 20 year subscription. Thanks, Texas Monthly! LOL! – Shari Hensley

HAHAHA! this 6th-generation texan thinks its funny. and pretty accurate, too, as far as sweeping generalizations in cartoon form go. – Rachel Middleton-Price

LOL….ok now, getta rope! – R Scott McNutt