CORTE – KOSUB (San Antonio)

This is an e-mail I received from a Kosub supporter:

Frank Corte is facing primary opposition due to his stance on toll roads and the Trans Texas Corridor. I know because I helped recruit Tony Kosub. Corte is a “conservative” turned tax and spend Republican who refused to listen to thousands of his constituents opposed to converting existing freeways into tollways in a DOUBLE TAX nightmare. Most of his district will now be landlocked by toll roads. It’s time for his comeuppance.

It is hard to regard this as a serious race. Frank Corte is an entrenched incumbent in a high-turnout district, chairman of the Republican caucus, and a committee chairman as well. Kosub is a 28-year-old middle school English teacher. Corte’s thirty-day report showed him with $101,000 cash on hand; Kosub has $1,500. What is interesting is Kosub’s message that Corte has lost touch with his district. He charges that Corte isn’t a true fiscal conservative because he voted for the business tax that is detrimental to small businesses, and because he voted for using the blue book value rather than the market value as the basis for taxing the sales of older used vehicles. He is all over Corte for his support of toll roads, including votes to allow the state to pay losing bidders and to allow Tx-DOT to award contracts to firms other than the low bidder. He has been critical of Corte for his support of school vouchers and has been endorsed by the Bexar County Federation of Teachers and the Northeast San Antonio Federation of teachers. If Kosub could raise enough money to get the message out, particularly in the Highway 281 corridor that is rabidly anti-toll, he might get somewhere, but this is unlikely to happen.