I confess that I seldom vote in local elections. The main reason for this is that I can’t stand the Austin city council. Not just this particular city council, but I mean every city council I can recall. They are lifestyle nuts. The restriping of Shoal Creek Boulevard for bike lanes was a classic. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to stripe it and hundreds of thousands to undo it because it was such a mess. They hate cars and love bicycles. They build a rail line that doesn’t make sense. The Statesman doesn’t know how to cover local politics; you have to read the free distribution Austin Chronicle. I’ve given up. The school board is no better. School board members only do two things. They rubber stamp the superintendent or they fire the superintendent. Oh, yes, they also approve bond issues that favor one part of the district over another (I remember that from my time as PTA president, and from what I hear, it hasn’t changed). What’s the use of voting? Don’t tell me that if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Oh yes I can. Tomorrow I’m going to make an exception. Harrison Keller, Tom Craddick’s education staffer, is running for the Austin Community College board of trustees. I have had the opportunity to work with Harrison on stories over the years, and I have found him to be intelligent, informed, and public-spirited. I don’t agree with him about everything, but he has always been up-front and square with me. He’s the kind of person who I would vote for without hestitation. I didn’t even know he was running until I got a robocall this afternoon. I will vote, and I hope he wins.