Today, of course, is election day, and personally, I’m finding it hard to rally much enthusiasm over the occasion. The campaigns existed. They were long. There were highs and lows. Some of the candidates who prevail today will serve Texas well and with honor, and most, one hopes, will at least aspire to do so.

It would be disingenuous to say more than that on a day when Texans are about to elect an attorney-general who keeps breaking the law because–if we’re going to take his word for it–he doesn’t know what the laws are. But in an effort to be optimistic, I’ll highlight last week’s debate between comptroller candidates Glenn Hegar and Mike Collier. Both were among the serious candidates who campaigned seriously this year. The millions of Texans who voted this year, and the many thousands who volunteered for the candidates, parties and causes they care about, deserve at least that. The millions who don’t bother to vote may deserve less–that is, they may deserve what we more often get–but what they don’t know can’t hurt ’em. 

We’ll post election results as they become official. In the interim, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.