Zedler, Landtroop, Charles Perry. No surprises here. Zedler had already revoked his pledge to Straus. The next move by the Resisitance to Straus could be for Chisum to leave the race and throw his support to Paxton. These developments amount to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. What the Resistance needs is a defection from the Straus team, movement by a group of members to the other side. But why would anyone not named Zedler or Riddle jump from the prevailing side to the losing side? One of the things that has been going on is that certain consultants have encouraged their clients to pledge to Paxton. Is that really doing them any favors? At best, it’s a gamble that a hardcore conservative counterattack in 2013 will destabilize Straus, and conservatives will win a majority. If that doesn’t come to pass, the freshmen will have wasted their first two sessions in futile opposition.