I mean, where’s Bill White? The State Board of Education is in a meltdown that is getting worldwide publicity, and the best he can do is say that if he is elected governor, he would name a new chair. Big deal. He ought to be saying: This is Rick Perry’s fault, he could have stopped it, he doesn’t care about education, it’s fine with him if Texas textbooks provide a version of American history that no legitimate scholar would recognize. Yes, White has criticized Perry about the SBOE, but this is the moment to strike, now that the deed has been done: Rick Perry is playing politics with the next generation of Texans. Politics first, the future second. Promising to name a new chairman isn’t going to change anything. He has to say that he will ask the Legislature to cancel the standards that were just adopted and restart the process of teaching Texas students American history that will prepare them for college. AND BLAME RICK PERRY. Do something!