Cover Girls

Feb 1, 2003 By Anne Dingus

From Ann on a Harley to Anna Nicole on a Bum Steer binge, we present our fifty favorite Texas Monthly issues with a female face.


Aug 31, 2001 By Joe Holley

In the June 1991 issue, in an article called “Voices From the Dark,” I told the story of Dawn, my mother-in-law. It was an account of her brief career as a singer in Hollywood in the late forties, how schizophrenia had brought that career to a tragic end, and how…

The Book on Willie Morris

Apr 30, 2001 By Larry L. King

The former editor of the Daily Texan and the Texas Observer was a good ol’ boy, a haunted soul, and my greathearted friend. A remembrance.

Schmooze Paper

Aug 31, 1999 By Andy Langer

What do gossipeuse Liz Smith, politico Paul Begala, and Hollywood hotshot Robert Rodriguez have in common? They all worked—and networked—at the hundred-year-old Daily Texan.

Lynch Mob

May 31, 1999 By Pamela Colloff

Like the coffee and pie in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, the Arlington-based fanzine Wrapped in Plastic is damn fine.

Urban Cowboy

Mar 1, 1999 By meghandaum

Peter Jennings. Liz Smith. Barbara Walters. Joe Armstrong? You may not know the name, but New York publishing’s most famous ex-Abilenian is at home among the stars—and is a star in his own right.

The Ex Files

Feb 1, 1999 By Patricia McConnico

David Halberstam My father was stationed in El Paso at Biggs Field, which would later become a huge air base. You could see all these planes that were lined up, the bombers that were going to be used. I loved El Paso; it was so different from growing up in…

You Can’t Go Home Again

Jan 1, 1999 By Michael Hall

Folk singer Nanci Griffith thinks the Texas media have been mistreating her. The way she’s fighting back guarantees her trouble with the press isn’t going away.

Luann Williams

Nov 1, 1998 By Katy Vine

Luann Williams, the editor and publisher of Pop Culture Press, isn’t the type who waits for opportunity to knock. “In the mid-eighties I was working at a Memphis record store and loved music magazines,” says the thirtysomething Tennessee native. “I was looking at a couple, and I thought, ‘You know,…

What’s Left?

Jan 1, 1998 By Joe Nick Patoski

When you listen to Jim Hightower’s talk radio show, that’s the question you inevitably ask—about him, the medium, and Texas liberalism.

Weekly, Strongly

Dec 1, 1997 By Joe Holley

Why are small-town Texas newspapers thriving? Because unlike big-city dailies, they know their readers, and they give them what they want.

Funny Papers

Sep 30, 1996 By Gary Cartwright

If you believe the Fort Worth Star-Telegram obituary that says Jaime Woodson was one of the great writers of this century, let me tell you about the Corbet Comets.

Proving Their Medal

Jun 30, 1996 By Josh Daniel

IF MULTIMEDIA were a competitive sport, Archimedia Interactive would have a shot at the gold. The Dallas company recently released 1996 U.S. Olympic Team ($29.95), the official CD-ROM of the summer games, which can be purchased in stores or on the World Wide Web ( The disc features extensive profiles…

Her Three Sons

Apr 30, 1996 By Anne Dingus

For the Wilsons of Dallas, taking pictures was a family affair. Today the mother is a successful photographer and her boys are hot Hollywood commodities. Here’s a look at Laura Wilson’s personal album.

The Far Right Stuff

Apr 1, 1996 By Helen Thorpe

Wyatt Roberts says he’s simply crusading against sin, but critics contend that the Christian activist is trying to usher in a new era in Texas: the anti-gay nineties.

Virtual Vittles

Jan 1, 1996 By Patricia Sharpe

From chili to chiles, there’s a heaping helping of Texas food on the Internet, including cookoff schedules, mail-order info, recipes, and restaurant reviews. Dig in.

The Watchdog

Dec 1, 1993 By Evan Smith

Forget how she looks. For fifty years, Tyler’s Sarah McClendon has been the most vigilant White House correspondent.

True Stories

Apr 30, 1992 By Robert Draper

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly—and some folks don’t feel alive unless they’re staring at a blank sheet of paper.

Radio Central

Apr 1, 1992 By Dick Hitt

Part history, part gossip, part stream of consciousness, Mattie Dellinger’s talk show speaks to the heart of Center, Texas.

Bach to Basie

Jun 30, 1989 By Jody Denberg

Dallas’ KERA discovered that music that’s good for you doesn’t have to be boring.

Brave New World

Dec 1, 1988 By bobboyd

On temporary assignment, a newspaperman sees that when it comes to TV news, what you see is just about all you’re going to get.

The Legacy of Citizen Robert

Jun 30, 1985 By Peter Elkind

As an heir to the Dallas Morning News, Robert Decherd has vindicated his father’s name, waged and won a newspaper war, and emerged as the new leader of the Dealey dynasty.

Shades of Gray

May 31, 1981 By Lawrence Wright

Thomas Thompson won his Blood and Money libel suit, but the trial left one question unanswered: how much of his imagination is a nonfiction writer allowed to use?

Stop the Presses

Nov 1, 1978 By dickreavis

That’s exactly what the Mexican government tries to do when journalists get out of hand.

What’s Red, White, and Blue . . . And Orange All Over?

Sep 30, 1977 By William Martin

The Orange Show’s 75-year-old creator, Jeff McKissack, still goes dancing and is sure he will live to be a hundred. Never heard of the Orange Show? Then you’ve missed a razzle-dazzle piece of American folk art—an amusement park/sideshow that looks like a topless castle designed by a…

Lone Stars

Sep 30, 1977 By Pat Berry

You’ve met the stars of stage and screen. Now meet the stars of Texas.

The Other Texas

Apr 30, 1977 By Texas Monthly

Rio Grande City Michael Patrick Houston Suzanne Paul Austin Harry Boyd Rosenberg Joe Baraban Ingram Harry Boyd Hillsboro Nicolas Russell Martindale…