Outside versus Lance Armstrong

Jan 15, 2012 By Jason Cohen

Instead of recycling tired rumors about Lance cheating, Outside's Bill Gifford peers into Livestrong's mission, budget, and commercial partnerships. 

The Weekend’s Best Investigative Reporting

Dec 5, 2011 By Sonia Smith

From squatters in Tarrant County to the far-reaching influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council, we’ve rounded up (and broken down) some of the best enterprise stories from around the state.

Going Postal

Dec 1, 2011 By Jake Silverstein

Back in February 1973, in the very first issue of this magazine, founding editor William Broyles wrote, by way of introduction, “If our readers have ever finished the daily paper or the six o’clock news and felt there was more than what they were told, then they know…

Cover Edge

Jul 31, 2011 By Jake Silverstein

One of the best—and the hardest—parts of being a magazine editor is deciding what goes on the cover every month. There is nothing else quite like that little rectangle of real estate. Book jackets and album covers are quiet­er, movie posters are less integral to the product, billboards are more…

App in the Heart of Texas

May 31, 2011 By Jake Silverstein

Only a few years ago, the word was understood (if it was used at all) to mean chicken wings or jalapeño poppers or nachos. That time is gone forever. As even the proudest Luddite now knows, an “app” is something you download onto your handheld device or tablet, a helpful…

Gone to New York

Oct 31, 2009 By Gary Cartwright

Bud Shrake’s letters to friends back in Texas during his years in New York show the late novelist in all his ribald, freewheeling glory. And never more alive.

And That’s The Way It Is

Jun 30, 2009 By Evan Smith

Twice I had the honor—that’s what it was—of interviewing Walter Cronkite. The first time was in September 2003, in the restaurant at the Regency Hotel, in New York, where Mr. Cronkite met me for breakfast and an extended talk about the state of journalism. He was clearly hobbled by various…

Governor Perry Chooses License Plates

Jan 1, 2009 By Eileen Smith

Proving his conservative credentials, Gov. Perry held a press conference with the Texas Alliance for Life to express his support for specialized “Choose Life” license plates.

The Day After

Oct 31, 2008 By Eileen Smith

Journalists and other notables to give us their reactions to the long campaign and the election of Barack Obama.

Charles Kuffner

Feb 1, 2008 By Texas Monthly

Take it from us: Print is so not dead, and all these “online journalists” are just a bunch of DIY wannabes without credentials or credibility. Some of them even have an agenda! But Kuff (which is what everyone calls him) is different. More substantive. More authoritative. More, well, like us.

The Center Holds

Oct 31, 2007 By Evan Smith

Several of this month’s letters to the editor, responding to our September issue, fall into two categories: those from angry liberals and those from angry conservatives. The libs rabidly attack Gary Cartwright for refusing to canonize Austin’s own Vegan de Milo, shopping center owner Jeanne Daniels, whose commitment…

Sterry Butcher, Small-Town Newspaper Reporter

Jul 31, 2007 By Texas Monthly

Butcher, born in San Marcos and raised in Fort Worth, has spent most of the past fourteen years as a reporter at the Big Bend Sentinel, a weekly newspaper in Marfa with a readership of three thousand. I moved to Marfa from Austin in 1993. At the time, Marfa…

Here Comes Trouble

Jan 1, 2007 By Mimi Swartz

Dan Patrick is causing nervous breakdowns of various size and duration—and he’s not even in the Texas Senate yet.

Molly Ivins

Nov 1, 2006 By Evan Smith

“The newspaper business? I don’t mind being in a dying industry, but it really pisses me off to be in one that’s committing suicide.”

Robert Rivard

Nov 1, 2005 By Evan Smith

“People speak nostalgically about family newspapers. For every decent one, there were literally hundreds of embarrassingly bad ones.”

Liz Smith

Apr 30, 2005 By Evan Smith

“Nobody doing what I’m doing is important anymore. Not in the way Winchell, Kilgallen, Hedda, and Louella were important.”

Dan Rather Retorting

Mar 1, 2005 By Gary Cartwright

“My hope has always been, for all my flaws and weaknesses, that people will say this: ‘He wanted to be a reporter and he is.’ I think they know that I love this country.” And other reflections on retirement from the broadcast-news icon turned right-wing punching bag.

Rather Controversial

Mar 1, 2005 By Katherine Sands

Senior editor Gary Cartwright, who wrote this month’s cover story, talks about getting access to retiring CBS News anchorman Dan Rather and the changing face of journalism.

They Came. They Sawed.

Nov 1, 2004 By John Bloom

And they most definitely conquered. The inside story of how a ragtag bunch of hippies made the wildest Texas movie ever (and spilled no more fake blood than was absolutely necessary).

Bill Moyers

May 31, 2004 By Evan Smith

“War is always a great reinforcer of secrecy, but a war on terror is the most insidious threat to openness—you can always claim, without having to explain why, that something can't be public.”

Anchor Away

Nov 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

What Walter Cronkite really thinks about cable TV shoutfests, the length of network newscasts, and (ahem) Jayson Blair.

Weapon of Mass Communication

Nov 1, 2003 By S. C. Gwynne

This was the summer of George W. Bush's discontent, when sixteen specious words in the State of the Union address threw the White House into disarray. Can his 32-year-old mediameister, Dan Bartlett, get the message and the messenger back on track?

Prep Work

Apr 30, 2003 By Patrick Michels

Dan Winters, who shot this month's photo essay, "Cuts Above," discusses finding the right piece of meat.

Underneath It All

Apr 1, 2003 By Jordan Breal

Misty Keasler talks about her young photography career and the intense images she captures, including this month's photos of the present-day Branch Davidian compound.

Bard of the Border

Mar 1, 2003 By Cecilia Ballí

The most promising young fiction writer in Texas is Oscar Casares, whose tales of life in Brownsville have put him and his hometown on the literary map.

A Q&A With Anne Wilkes Tucker

Feb 1, 2003 By Nora Varty

Not too long ago the photography collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston was nonexistent. But thanks to curator Anne Wilkes Tucker, it is now considered one of America's best. Here, she discusses her career, photography and being a woman in the field.

A Q&A With Hilary Duff

Feb 1, 2003 By Stephanie Myers

Hilary Duff, star of the breakout Disney Channel program Lizzie McGuire, is, at 15, already a legitimate phenomenon. In addition to her acting, which has spanned stage and screen, Duff's single "I Can't Wait" from the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack went gold this year.

Cover Girls

Feb 1, 2003 By Anne Dingus

From Ann on a Harley to Anna Nicole on a Bum Steer binge, we present our fifty favorite Texas Monthly issues with a female face.


Aug 31, 2001 By Joe Holley

In the June 1991 issue, in an article called “Voices From the Dark,” I told the story of Dawn, my mother-in-law. It was an account of her brief career as a singer in Hollywood in the late forties, how schizophrenia had brought that career to a tragic end, and how…