The New York-based Zagat guides have just come out with their latest rankings of hotels, resorts, and spas. What’s number one in the country? Texas’ own Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Fearing’s restaurant, in Dallas. Here’s what the breathless news release says: ‘Rated extraordinary to perfection in each category, the hotel is touted as “fabulous luxury” and “perfect service” with travelers describing Fearing’s as “last-meal worthy” “haute Texan” cuisine and the spa as “divine.” ‘ For what it’s worth, I personally think the Ritz owes all of this to King Dean the First, who is simply the most famous chef in Texas, period, end of story. Dean has officially entered the needs-no-last-name category, along with Wolfgang and Mario. The hotel promotes itself as an adjunct to  Dean rather than the other way around. Fascinating. As for the food–well, I adore half  (the delicate, beautifully prepared, global, emphatically non-Texan half) and I kind of wish the other half  (the brawny, over-the-top, kick-ass Texan part) would quietly fade away  (except for that “chicken-fried” double lamb chop!) . But I lost that battle a long time ago. The people have spoken. Dean, congrats. My hat is off to you, man.