Just got an announcement: The Mighty Cone food trailer is having its opening day this Saturday all day (from 11 to 11) at 1603 S. Congress, that’s the southeast corner of  Congress & Monroe.  TMC is a food truck from Hudson’s on the Bend, selling Hudson’s signature hot ‘n’ crunchy cones. Pretty damn addictive. If you haven’t had a hot ‘n’ ‘crunchy at ACL Fest, here’s a description, courtesy of Hudson’s:  “. . . chicken, shrimp, or avocado crusted in a mixture of almonds, sesame seeds, corn flakes, chile flakes, and sugar, then “deep-sauteed” and placed in a tortilla-lined paper cone and topped with a jalapeno-and-mango slaw.” Less than $10. Not much of a web page yet, but they have a Facebook page.