Beaver’s Ice House

, in Houston, has gone blue with a vengeance. You know Beaver’s, right, it’s Monica Pope’s retro-mod barbecue joint. Seems that the girl has thrown political neutrality to the four winds and is having what she calls “Blue State Tuesdays” there every Tuesday evening from now until election day. (That’s brave, considering that Texas was a red state the last time I checked.) Beaver’s will sell Blue Agave Margs and Blue Moon Beer and happy hour snacks and will put blues on the sound system. Plus, she’s invited blogger Bill Large to be there, as kind of an emcee, I guess. It’s a chance for blue-minded people to get together. Check it out–Tuesdays from 5 to 7 at 2310 Decatur at Sawyer, just south of Washington Avenue. And, hey, if you hear of a comparable red state happy hour, I’ll give it equal time. I just thought this sounded fun.