The Texas rap musician announced the launch of a new culinary website,, this weekend at the Free Press Summer Festival media breakfast alongside Uchi Culinary Director Philip Speer. The duo have developed a mutual admiration for one another’s craft through Uchi Houston. 

“I’ve always been a big fan of good food, but eating at places like Uchi have completely changed the eating experience for me,” Bun B said. “I want to continue and share that experience through”

The site, conceptualized by Bun B and Premium Pete, features sections on recipes, pizza, snacks, restaurants, vegetarian cuisine, drinks, and sweets from all around the world. Through the blog, users are encouraged to submit meals and drinks for others to view and share in the WDYET (What Did You Eat Today) section. Famous chefs and respected culinary personalities will also contribute to the blog as well.  

During the brunch, Bun B and Speer utilized lyrics from Bun B’s career to create Uchi-inspired dishes. The eclectic plates included Choppin’ Blades (a fried pork chop, green eggs, and crystal lettuce), Bun (pork belly buns, pickles, and herbs), Country Shit (chicken karaage, sweet chili, and smoked potato salad), and I’m Cold (Captain Crunch ice cream with freeze-dried berries). 

The festival brunch also served as a preview to the upcoming Feast: A Dinner Series that the Blaffer Art Museum and Uchi is hosting in the coming weeks. In the five-part series, Speer and his team will collaborate with artists featured in Blaffer’s fall exhibition “Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art,” to create gourmet feasts that re-imagine the notion of hospitality. 

For more information on the series or to purchase tickets to one of the dinners, click here.  

Full disclosure: Texas Monthly is a sponsor of Feast: A Dinner Series.