Friends began to email back in August, saying, you gotta try this place in Austin named the Good Knight, it’s almost ready for prime time, some things are so good, yada yada yada (is that how you spell yada?). Finally, I went. Yes! First, lower your decor expectations (their ain’t any). It’s pretty much a dive on a rather, um, unprepossessing stretch of E. Sixth Street. I mean, it’s bare-bones. Bare. But the kids who own it are cooking up a storm! They have a really short menu (smart, that), and they do it well. Winners have included the caramelized-onion flatbread French pizza, the meatloaf in mushroom whiskey sauce, and the silken chocolate-Earl Grey pot de creme (sigh). Oh, chicken potpie with puff pastry topping is fabulous. Heard the bar drinks are good. Put on your bohemian attitude and GO. 1300 E. 6th, north side of the street, Austin; (512) 628-1250.