I won’t mention the shock to a Texan’s system of seeing several signs in Vancouver for ‘Steamed Burritos.” I mean, I love the city, but are they INSANE in British Columbia? Oh, all right, I didn’t try one (would you?), so how can I criticize? Even so, the whole idea is horrifying. (I know somebody will set me straight on this–please do so immediately.) But enough with the burritos. What I set out to say is that the restaurant West is Wunderbar (and it has no steamed burritos, thank God). We did West’s “spring tasting menu” ($98 without wine for five courses plus petits fours), which made us very, very happy. You can see the whole thing by clicking on this link and going to Menus, so let me just mention one highlight: the risotto with spot prawns, preserved lemon, and tarragon, a miraculously creamy yet somehow still al dente risotto with the most perfectly fresh, perfectly cooked prawns I think I’ve have ever had. Falling-down good. Don’t miss it if you go north.