You gotta love those small Texas towns. But so often, after you hit the candle shops on the town square, you’re in the mood for a decent cuppa, and guess what: There is none. Well, things just got better in Dripping Springs, southwest of Austin. I stopped at the Rockin’ A Cafe and Coffee Bar there on Friday, which actually had freshly made espresso drinks, not just some dripolator sludge that had been sitting on a hot plate for an hour. Even though they had officially closed, they still made me a caffe americano for the road, for free. Is that friendly, or what? And the coffee was fine. I’m going back next time for their lunchtime salads and sandwiches and for their breakfast omelets. The humble little place is small-town homey and has a great attitude. It’s located at 330 W. Mercer Street, 512-858-0020. If you’re coming south from Austin, you turn right off Hwy. 290 when you see the little cluster of stores around the downtown area. Mercer Street is the second street over, running parallel to the highway. (Here are good driving directions.) The Cafe is open Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-9 p.m., (well, they are till 3 now, but will reinstate fall hours shortly); also open Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri for dinner 6-9. Sat open 8-3. Closed Sun.