You know, when I see the words “made from scratch” in front of “mole,” I start to hyperventilate a little. And when the tab for sampling this is $3.25. that makes me even happier. And when the mole–on a tender, generous-to-bursting pork taco–is actually wonderful, with deep red-chile flavors, accessorized by queso fresco and raw onion in a couple of corn tortillas, it makes my day. The new Taco Deli at 4300 N. Lamar is open (actually it has been for a few weeks), right in my ‘hood. Now I have some place besides Mandola’s to go for lunch and take-out. When Uchiko opens–they recently put up a sign, and they’re advertising for help–I may never have to drive more than three miles from my house for emergency sustenance.