Ahem. It’s never too late to have a pie thrown in your face for a good cause. I should know. Yeah, yeah, the picture was posed. But that only means the stylist slammed the pie on my face artistically (not in this picture, the next one, the one you’ll never, ever see. . .) .  Friends, I took it on the nose. Make my sticky sacrifice worthwhile by going to the web site for the Austin chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, and clicking on the link right above this picture. This will lead you to an online auction of really great things (objects, dinners, vacations, experiences, and much much more–sixty items in all). If you have the winning bid, you’ll score a neat treat. And the proceeds wil help fund scholarships for young women who otherwise could not afford to attend culinary school. Check it out. The auction starts November 4!