Most proud Texans are happy to trumpet the benefits of eating local, and this week, with the seventh annual GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up that runs until Sunday, July 27, foodies have an excuse to dine out and enjoy homegrown ingredients.

The event, supported by the Texas Department of Agriculture and hosted by Farm Credit, draws nearly 400 restaurants, each of which incorporate local ingredients and ranch meats on their menus.

“When you dine out, make sure the restaurant is GO TEXAN certified and serves fresh food straight from a Texas farm or ranch,” Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Todd Staples said in a press release. “The GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up brings together the best offerings of Texas produce, meats, cheeses, and beverages through the creativity of our local chefs.”

Both upscale and casual restaurants have elected to participate in the affair, including Eleven: XI, a critically-acclaimed Houston restaurant that features an assortment of Gulf Coast dishes and drinks.

“We are damn proud to participate in GO TEXAN Round-Up. From our beverage program, to our food menu, to our non-alcoholic beverages, we source everything we can from our home state,” Joseph Welborn, managing partner at Eleven: XI, said. “Whether it swims in the Gulf, grazes in the Panhandle, grows in the Hill Country, was brewed here in Houston, Dallas or Austin, bottled in Dublin, or stone ground in Waco, if it’s from Texas, we are buying it and supporting it.”

Drew Curren, executive chef of Austin-based restaurants Easy Tiger, 24 Diner, and Arro, has crafted a selection of dishes that include Broken Arrow Ranch-sourced venison sausage (Easy Tiger), a stew prepared with mussels, clams, grilled Gulf shrimp, Texas Gulf amberjack (pictured above), and numerous Texas vegetables and herbs (Arro).

“Partnering with GO TEXAN was a natural fit for 24 Diner since our menu is built on classic dishes that are elevated through the use of local and seasonal produce. One of the things that makes 24 Diner unique is its ingredient sourcing, considering that we use products from more than seventy different Texas farms. 24 Diner and Easy Tiger have both participated in Go Texan in the past, and we were thrilled to sign up Arro this year,” Curren says.

For more information about the GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up, a list of participating restaurants, or the opportunity to enter featured giveaways, please visit the GO TEXAN website.