There’s nothing I love better than eating off the street. Once in Mexico City during an interminable traffic jam, I got out of the car to buy a taco that came off a grill sitting 6 inches above the curb (okay, gutter.) In a ten block walk along Central Park in NYC I will stop at ten carts to eat ten hot dogs. So when I was walking in downtown Austin yesterday I was delighted to find the Crepe Crazy cart, parked on the west side of the four hundred block of Congress Avenue. I tried a savory (the Greek Salad number: chicken, tzatziki, onion, tomato and feta); they also have sweet crepes. It was generous portion, delicious, and only $6. And while I’m on the subject of street food; I know this is sacrilege, but I would SO love it if you could get a hot dog or lemon gelato on Town Lake in Austin. Existing laws and sentiment forbid any commercialization of the trail–but really, one little gelato? Just sayin. If you have any food cart faves in San Antonio, please holla as I have to go visit my aunt this weekend.