News flash: Big-time Dallas chef Kent Rathbun is going casual. On Feb. 23, he will open Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen at 6130 Luther Lane, 214-890-1103. He says it will feature the kinds of dishes he ccoks for the family, and that he grew up eating himself. Hmmmmm. I’m looking at the press release and it has descriptions like “Texas Fried Quail with Heirloom Corn-Chipotle Spoonbread” and “Whole Wheat Texas Pecan Waffle with Lattie Da Goat Cheese and Round Rock Hney.” Gosh, I don’t remember my mom doing anything like that–we were eating high on the hog if we got meat pies made with Sunday’s leftover roast beef. I guess that’s why Kent’s a chef and I’m not.