If you haven’t been to Cover 3, go. We had a fantastic meal at this stylish new restaurant (it opened last week) on Anderson Lane in Austin. We admit we were a little skeptical of the concept–a high-end sports bar?–but we liked what we saw. And so did the crowd in the expansive dining room. Our starter of beef tenderloin sliders proved amazing. Add a really cold Fat Tire, and you are in business. Scallops with almonds and asparagus? Fabulous. The flat screens are there if you want to watch them, or unobtrusive if you don’t. And, yes, we approved of the extensive wine list. We’ve heard that some people feel this place is too high-brow and too expensive. We disagree. Men glanced at the scores while their dates sipped on wine–a win-win situation if ever there was one. Owners Matt Dodson and Doug Young, who both worked at Z’Tejas for about fourteen years, have the folks behind Eddie V’s backing them. Score indeed.