Let me just say the cover makes me salivate. The huge Akaushi ribeye with its perfect marbling just makes me want to throw the cover on the grill and sear it. However, that would cause more problems than I want and a possible trip to the ER.
Now I like steak and beef. When I have a hankering for a steak, it usually involves a craving for mashed potatoes. It is one of the ultimate beef meals–steak and potatoes. But what if your doctor said no more beef? If you had to watch fat and cholesterol intake, what are your options?
You can always go against them but one alternative is bison. Yes, I know, those big brown creatures that you see on ranches across this huge state. They are being eaten. The USDA approximates that 1 million pounds of bison are consumed each year. A very low number given that the average person in the U.S. eats 67 pounds of beef a year, but bison is growing.
Ranchers I’ve talked to say that business is growing by 20 percent every year because people are wanting to eat better. Bison is low in calories at 143 calories per 100 grams, lower than beef and chicken. It has very little fat because it is so lean. This means people can eat it more often and not worry about the effects on the body.
Now the taste is different than beef. To my palate, it has a sweeter taste, but different palates taste different things. People have described the meat as being gamey, thick, or sweet.
Bison is usually the same price as beef, but can be more. If you’d like more information on bison, the National Bison Association has a website. Also, there are many bison ranchers in Texas. Search for them in google.