I don’t know why I love tea so much. I think it has to do with exploring a different cultural reality than the “DWF Seeking Something Fun To Do On The Weekend Besides Go See A Movie That Everyone Saw When It Came Out” that is my current life. Anyhooo. Tea is a path, as it were. Brew up a stiff cuppa Assam, splash it with milk,  and pretend you’re English for fifteen minutes. Steep some oolong or green (maybe with those great toasted rice kernels, love that stuff) and do the Zen thing.  So, my point–which I am actually getting to–is that there is a tea class at Austin Whole Foods Culinary Center coming up on Saturday, Nov. 13, at 3 in the afternoon. (They supply the information, you provide the fantasy.) It’s being taught by Jeffrey Lorien, who owns Zhi Tea, an Austin storefront and twee market that also sells baked goods and does a tableside tea service. At Whole Foods, Jeffrey is going to talk about tea, let you taste tea, and show how to brew each different kind. He’s got oolong, rooibos, green, and more on the agenda. And he’s giving away little samples to take home. I’m going to try to be there if I don’t have to be out of town, eating like a hippopotamus for my next story in the magazine (the best new-restaurant roundup, in February). The class is $25, which sounds like a pretty good deal for a nice relaxing afternoon.  To reserve, you can call 512-542-2340 or go online.