Though the word “baller” might be a little crude, Baltimore Ballers‘ snow cones are anything but. This ain’t no Sno Beach, or anywhere that cherry syrup reigns supreme. And you’re more likely to find a line of midnight revelers here than a gaggle of swim-suited kiddies (although I can’t promise that the grown-ups will be any more civilized). For the last brutal nights of summer heat (and onward), BBs dishes up unusual corn syrup–free flavors and creative combinations that could entertain even the most cynical critic of cones. Take the deliciously creamy egg custard flavor, a Maryland staple, topped with mysteriously melted marshmallow. Yes, you heard me right: marshmallow. I’m not sure how the ballers work their magic, since most of my forays into marshmallow cookery involve a microwave, ten seconds, and some intense gobbling before the mallow turns into a tough, less-than-desirable meringue shell. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s not just marshmallow creme scooped from a jar. Regardless, it blended perfectly with the sweet egg custard and made a neat iced treat. The Dude, wedding cake christened with chocolate syrup, also worked well. Usually wedding cake flavor is blindingly sweet, but this one was subtle and addictive, the chocolate adding just enough kick. New Orleans fans will fall in love with the dreamsicle, but I couldn’t quite get into the citrusy tartness. If you’re really extreme, you’ll try the sour Warheads candy topping on your cone. Or the complimentary shot of vodka, poured straight into the syrup and ice. Baller.