Dear Readers,

Welcome to our brand-new redesigned website!

We feel like we’ve just bought a new car. Granted, the old one was still running, but it was looking a little dated and didn’t have the latest features. This one is up-to-the-minute and, most importantly, it looks hot. At least, we think it does. We hope you agree.

As with all relaunches, everything is in flux, and over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out some new things on our Food Channel. For now, the regular columns will still be around, as will all of our comprehensive food service, and, of course, this blog, Eat My Words.

Speaking of which, previous blog posts are still available; just scroll down. If you’re in the habit of leaving comments, you’ll see the process is a little different. Now you can use social media, like your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ accounts, to sign in. Of course, you can still comment anonymously with whatever screen name you choose, like TheManWhoAteTooMuch13. You will need a functional email address to comment. As before, the blog is available free to all users.

One quick note about access: Anything we write exclusively for our site is free to all. Stories that appear in the current issue of the print magazine are behind a partial paywall. They cycle out from behind the paywall for about a week at a time during the month that the magazine is on newsstands. That’s when you can look at them for free (i.e., without being a paid subscriber). If you’re a print subscriber and signed in on the site, you should never see any paywalls anywhere.

If you have any further questions, go here for answers.

Thank you for your continued readership, and as always, feel free to let us know how you feel. In our new commenting system below. 

Patricia Sharpe
Texas Monthly food editor