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9 Great Tacos in the Rio Grande Valley

Palenque Grill

Carne Asada

We love taquerias and greasy spoons, but occasionally we want to take folks out for fancy tacos. Although it has the look of an upscale restaurant in a major city, family-owned Palenque Grill started in Laredo and its McAllen edition has a distinctive South Texas feel. We like their Mar y Tiera served on a sizzling platter with fajita, shrimp, and all the accoutrements. This festive surf and turf combo demands to be washed down with a top-shelf margarita.  But if someone in your party is a wine lover, it’s hard to beat the combination of a full-bodied red with carne asada (ribeye) with sliced avocado on a fresh corn tortilla.

606 Expressway 83, McAllen (956-994-8181). Open 7 Days.

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