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Telling Fortunes

No. 15: Trevor Rees-Jones

Age: 62Home: DallasNet Worth: $4.4 billion

In 1984 Trevor Rees-Jones gave up his career as a lawyer to search for oil. Then, in the late nineties, everything changed. With his venture Chief Oil and Gas, Rees-Jones was among the first to develop, on a large scale, a technology known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in the Barnett Shale. He soon found himself a major player in one of the largest oil and gas booms in history. By 2005 Chief was the second-biggest producer in the Barnett, delivering 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. In 2006 Rees-Jones sold his Barnett interests for $2.63 billion and shifted his investment to the giant Marcellus Shale, in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where he ended up leasing 600,000 acres. He hit the jackpot a second time when he sold his positions in much of that formation in 2012. Since his ship came in, Rees-Jones has given $25 million to the Boy Scouts, $25 million to Dallas’s Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and millions more to the Salvation Army and various other charities.  


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    Driven by his ranch in Ranger, TX. Has an airport large enough to land a 747! Few people around there have big money, Jones and Wilks combined are worth 8 billion, in one county! Not too big of a deal. Walton daughter lives in Millsap, TX and she is worth 35 billion! Wish they would do more good and help the surrounding county and people rathe than play on their ranches and count their money. Wilks built a church made of sheet metal? Jones is none existent in Ranger, and Walton has ignored a bankrupt town.