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The New Samsung Galaxy S20—A Texas-Sized Leap in Innovation

Mar 5, 2020 By TM Studio

The only thing in Texas more ubiquitous than a pair of boots is the mobile phone. And whether those boots are speeding down the super highways of Dallas, electric scootering through the Silicon Hills of Austin, or turning circles across a South Texas dance hall, if your phone is a Samsung device, you’ve been walking on the cutting-edge of technology.

Olympic City USA: Where Dreams Become Reality

Feb 24, 2020 By TM Studio

Colorado Springs isn’t just a dream getaway; it’s where dreams become a reality. Just head to 1 Olympic Plaza and see for yourself. It’s so woven into the fabric of this Rocky Mountain city, that it’s called Olympic City USA—and for good reason.

David Cargill’s Long Way

Feb 21, 2020 By Seth Beaugh

The nonagenarian sculptor, whose pieces are flecked throughout southeast Texas, unveils a career-spanning retrospective in Beaumont.

Good Newscast 24: Optimism + Technology

Feb 20, 2020 By TM Studio

The Texas Optimism Project and Frost Bank’s Opt for Optimism initiative are proud to share episode 24 of Good Newscast, a podcast about good things in the world. Season 1 of the podcast explored optimism in the headlines, but season 2 welcomes a different format and new host. Chelsea…

20 Must-See Texas Musicians

Feb 20, 2020 By TM Studio

Plug in your earphones and get a taste of the music below, or see these artists perform live at various shows across the Lone Star State.