Rick Perry had Ted Nugent play at his 2007 gubernatorial inauguration, but the Nuge is not his favorite. In a laid-back interview for Politicos “On the Line” audio series, Perry said his favorite band is classic British rockers The Who.

The truth is that despite his Paint Creek-bred and Aggie-burnished country image, Perry has always beento borrow a line from one of Mitt Romney’s co-religionists—a little bit rock and roll. Earlier this year he told Parade that Pink Floyd joined Clay Walker and Beethoven on his iPod, while the Huffington Post has noted that a passage in his first book, On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For, revealed an affinity for the Dave Matthews Band and the Police. 

Still, it’s tough to picture Perry jogging around Barton Creek while listening to “Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy,” especially considering how many of Pete Townshend’s songs are about sex, drugs, and the same youthful rebellion former comptroller John Sharp said that Perry loathed at Texas A&M.

Until, that is, you listen to The Who more closely. Below, a (completely fake) list of Rick Perry’s Ten Favorite Songs by The Who. 

“I Can See For Miles” 
Everyone who has ever driven Highway 380 in Haskell County can relate to this one.

“My Generation” 
“Hope I die before get old?” Of course. It’s not like there’ll be anything left in the coffers of that Ponzi scheme Social Security.

“A Legal Matter” 
Townshend’s prescient and passionate plea for unlimited tort reform.

“Tommy Can You Hear Me” 
It’s hard not to wonder how things might have turned out for the deaf, dumb, and blind protagonist of The Who’s famous rock opera had he not lived in a country with government-provided health care.

“Pictures of Lily” 
An important reminder that abstinence education works. 

“Squeeze Box” 
Sure, it’s racy, but so long as it’s between consenting and married (heterosexual) adults.

“Dr. Jimmy” 
Perry’s nickname for influential Republican fundraiser and activist Dr. James Leininger.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” 
Perry used to blast this in his office back when he was still lite guv, and George W. Bush will never forgot it.

The song’s not called “Holiday,” after all.

“I’m Free” 
“….And freedom tastes of reality.” That would look pretty good on a campaign bumper sticker, assuming Ron Paul doesn’t get there first.

In the interview, Perry also expresses his preference for Shiner Bock and the Beethoven movie Immortal Beloved. You can listen to the audio here.